Appreciation, Joy, and Parenthood [A Poem]

Bubbles of Joy

Sometimes we have to breathe in the little things to appreciate the life we have, even if is not the life we have planned.

Appreciate. Child playing in puddles while surrounded by bubbles

Earlier this week, while browsing through some of my old bits and pieces, I came across a short poem. I wrote it just over a year ago, while watching my son play. At the time, we were living a fairly isolated life in a mountain forest. I didn’t know many people and was struggling with cabin fever and loneliness.

Fortunately, my two year old kept me busy and gave me plenty to smile about. Recording these bursts of happiness reminded me that life is good (even when it’s not perfect). It can be too easy to dwell on our worries and miss the bubbles of joy that are floating away while we are looking in another direction. Focussing on, and recording, happiness is the best way I know to maintain equilibrium when things are bumpy.

With all the ups and downs of the last year, this poem is a great reminder to breathe in the joy.

So, in the spirit of sharing happiness…

I Smile WhenThings I appreciate. A collage of child: running through puddles, crawling through a tunnel, reading, playing, jumping, climbing, sleeping.

My child makes me smile every time he sees a puddle…
… and chooses not to avoid it.

I smile when I watch him play.
I smile when he hides in his “tunnel,” or puts a box on his head.

I smile when we read together…
… and when he reads alone.

I smile when he plays loudly…
… and when he plays quietly.

My child makes me smile when he holds my hand…
… and when he lets go.

I smile when he discovers he is capable.

I smile when he jumps.
I smile when he climbs.

I smile when he sleeps…
… and when he wakes.

I smile when he dreams about hot dogs.

I smile…
…and I laugh.

I laugh when we play together.
I laugh when he jokes.
I laugh when we dance and sing.

I burst with joy when he runs to me with arms outstretched.

I smile when he smiles.
I laugh when he laughs.

I only have to think of him…
… and I smile.

Share the joy. What brings a smile to your day? Is there anything you would like to appreciate more? How do you increase your own happiness? Share your thoughts in the comments and let’s brighten all our days.

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